E3 2008

17 07 2008

So with E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) rolling around again this year (just keeps coming back…) Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all have many many things to share with us. Some of these things were met with critisicm, some with tears (cough… Final Fantasy…) and some with confusion. Overall most were met with joy and jubilation for whats just around the bend for us 360 owners.

The Short:

Microsoft announced a new dashboard style, this is a total re-imagination of the dashboard and marketplace, it’s coming across in the few screens we’ve been shown as some kind of freak Wii/PS3 monster baby. With the introduction of “Avatars” (Wii-me esque… things.) Microsoft seems to be adopting and forcing a kinder, gentler Xbox 360 than what we are accustomed to. Most of the major features for the new dash cater towards the casual gamer, and media enthusiast, with group photo and movie sessions, game shows (1 versus 100) and the aforementioned “Avatar” introduction. It appears that 360 owners will be able to custom create their avatar as a representation of themselves, and the avatar will be used (hopefully as an option) in future Live Arcade titles.

For the Hardcore gamers out there Microsoft has unveiled a new party system that will allow 8 players to stay in the same party and chat as they travel from game to game, this system is 100% backwards compatible so you and your friends could play Halo 3, and then migrate over to Call of Duty 4 in one fluid motion.

Speaking of fluid motions, Microsoft revealed a new set of games focused on motion movement, similar to the Eye-toy line of games from the PS2.

Most interesting perhaps is the ability to rip games directly to your Hard Drive, by playing games from the HD load times will be reduced, and that 747 engine that is the 360’s DVD drive will be able to finally have some peace and quiet. However, you cannot simply just burn a game and play, you need to have the original disc in the tray while playing (the disc will not be used) for copyright and anti-pirating purposes.

E3 ’08 has showcased some ipressive games that many of us are expecting and lusting to play such as Gears of War 2, Too Human, Far Cry 2, and Fallout 3 (to name a few). Here’s a quick rundown of new info on the games.

Gears of War 2:

A new 5 player Co-op mode was announced, entitled Hoarde, players must work together to survive against increasingly difficult waves of Locust.

3 New weapons have been revealed, the Flamethrower, Poison Grenade (unknown if it is a player useable weapon), and the Heavy portable turret.

A.I Bots will finally make their way into multiplayer so if your one man short, no worries, the game will fill the slot for you.

Far Cry 2:

Dynamic enemy interaction, i.e, shoot a soldier in the leg and his comrades may rush to assist him (right into your trap).

Dynamic Fire, not exactly new, but oh-so awesome. Start a fire and it will jump from object to object immolating anything in it’s path.

Too Human:

A demo was released a few days ago for Too Human, on first play through I was thou roughly disappointed with the game as a whole, it seemed a weak smash-em-up, far from what it was acclaimed to be. However after unlocking the other classes (Disconnect from LIVE, and set your date to 2009) I found the game had far more depth then I previously believed. Overall I will buy Too Human when it is released, as while the learning curve may be a tad on the steep side (no tutorial… not smart) once you figure it out, it’s an excellent game.

Fallout 3:

Scrap weapons, yeah, you can piece together weapons from bits and pieces you find around, like the aesthetics of the AK47, but like the accuracy of the M4? Mix-n-match to your hearts content. The charming yet terrifying Vault Boy (Vaul-Tech’s mascot) guides you through the nuclear armageddon plan for you and your family in a highly entertaining trailer available on the Live marketplace.

I’ll post some more info as it comes. Enjoy this wonderful week of gaming, it dosen’t get any better than E3.




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