Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review (Or Part two of Rainbow Six’s Vegas Vacation)

28 04 2008

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

The second installment in Rainbow Team’s Vegas vacation, R6 Vegas 2, is really nothing more than an over glorified expansion pack. Sure it adds a new feature or two (ACES, and Story/Adversarial EXP Sharing) but it like most sequels (Halo 3, COD4) doesn’t deviate from the core it established. The problem is, other series games, are liked because they are clean, and functioning. Even if at the time of release there are a few kinks in the code, people ignore that, and play on. Rainbow was put on the shelves, broken, so much so that UBI decided to ship it, and then release a patch before it hit stores. They failed to address basic, simple requests from their fan base, and decided what was best for us, the gamer.


A new A.C.E.S system allows you to actually feel your accomplishing something.

New PEC sharing, allows you to add to your XP total from either adversarial or single player/co-op game play.


For some reason, UBI decided it would be a wise move to take out dead-room to live-room chat, when you die you can’t communicate with your living teammates, not even in a standard Team Deathmatch.

Little glitches abound, ladders malfunctioning, grenades sticking to empty space, not to mention some serious (though rare) hit detection issues.

If you’ve played R6 Vegas 1, your shafted out of an achievement in Vegas 2, the “Reach the Rank of Pvt. 1st Class” achievement, is permanently locked as you skip right past it with UBI’s “gift” to it’s loyal gamers of bonus XP. (Note, it has been brought to my attention, that Ubisoft has released a patch that has fixed acheivment issues, and improved the gun sound glitches).

Ubi decided that we could use two new game modes, but we didn’t know that in exchange we would have to sacrifice, Survival, Assassination, and Retrieval. What would posses someone to REMOVE content from a sequel, it’s like cutting out Frodo in the second Lord of the Rings movie. No one liked him anyways, it’s not like he was vital to the story or anything.

That wonderful Trigger-happy glitch remains from Vegas 1, you know the one when you shoot your gun, and the sound loops endlessly, amplified for some reason. That makes if real easy to focus on killing enemies.


Why would you disable Radar by default? You didn’t take it out, but you decided to “hide” it from the newbies?

If I headshot a tango from 100 yards, in the back of the head, why the hell do I get CQB (Close Quarters Battle) points?

Why are there limited spawns in Team Deathmatch, it’s like Ubi tried to compensate for removing Survival.

Why can I kill a terrorist through a steel plate… but not through a bottle of bleach?


The single player storyline takes place before and during the events of Rainbow Six Vegas, featuring ties-ins with the first game, and even an ending cameo by Logan and his team. That being said, I enjoyed the plot in Vegas 2, far more than Vegas 1, it added a more human feel to the game which was much needed, without spoiling the story for those who haven’t completed it, several levels capture the sense of urgency around the terrorist situation. A cool feature that’s been added in is the ability to have a persistent, Persistent Elite, meaning that the character you create and maintain for single player carries over to multiplayer and vice-a-versa, any weapons or clothes you unlock in one mode, translates to the other. The customization the Vegas 2 offers is choice, you can choose what attachments with which to adorn your gun with (a big plus for a gun whore like myself) and you can modify your uniform with many armor types and camo colors. The face-capture technology is still here, so don’t worries you can still perforate your next door neighbor’s skull in multiplayer. The multiplayer is still in multiplayer limbo, it can’t seem to pick between slow and tactical, and quick n’ twitchy. Some games I’ll play will take up the full time limit, with intense firefights and great teamwork, but most devolve into running in endless loops around the map trying to dot, pre-fire, or shoulder glitch your enemies into oblivion. Vegas is a game you should get if you like the single player style, or if you are a fan of Halo, or the original Vegas, I would not recommend it to someone looking for a slower paced tactical game.

The score:

Graphics: 8.5 (Nothing spectacular, but not to shabby looking either)

Sound: 8 (Vegas 2 features all the standard noises and music, but the gunshots sound hollow, and the explosions and other environmental noises sound distant.

Gameplay: 8.5 (The single player is enjoyable, but multiplayer strips away the usefulness of the cover system, and supplements with Halo style quick aiming and run n’ gunning)

Overall: 8/10 Vegas 2 added some cool tricks and gimmicks, but those quickly fade away to reveal that it’s nothing more than a $60 expansion pack.

*Note that the overall is not an average, but a score based on all the game has to offer.

** Thanks to CollapseControl for the Vegas vacation one liner.




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