Army of Two Review

5 03 2008

Quick Stats:

Title: Army of Two

Players: 2 Co-op (local/online), 2 versus mode (2v2) (online).

Developer: EA Montreal

Genre: Modern Third Person Shooter

Release Date: March 4th (in stores March 5th) 2008

P3anut Says: 8/10


EA Montreal’s newest release to the shooting genre, Army of Two combines “stop-and-pop” game play (a la Gears of War) with probably the greatest co-operative system ever designed. The game offers a unique Co-op experience over Xbox Live or local split screen. From the start the game was designed with co-op game play in mind, it’s built and designed to be the co-op game for the Xbox 360. Most games “co-op” game play is either an excerpt of the single player, or a generic bot-match, Army of Two has successfully crafted a single-player game around a co-op game. Any level you play in solo mode can be played in Co-op, from the training level straight through to the final fight, this combined with the brilliant “Agrro Meter” makes Army of Two an excellent game.


Army of Two is a co-op game, simple as that, the game is a co-op game with added singleplayer and multiplayer. This is one of few games to take this path, most games tack on a co-op mode after focusing on singleplayer, by crafting a co-op game from the start, EA Montreal has set a new standard for co-op games everywhere. Army of Two features the standard variety of co-op interactions, you know, the healing, the tactics, standard stuff. A couple of moves are noteworthy here, those being the Step Jump, and Back-to-back maneuvers. Here’s the situation, you and your buddy are beneath a cliff ledge, you know that there are two enemies just waiting for you to climb up the cliff, so you initiate a step jump. Your buddy positions himself at the base of the cliff, and lifts you partially up, high enough to see over the edge, from here you raise your rifle, and eliminate the targets before they can come-to-terms with the seemingly levitating faceless soldier staring them in the face. You clamber up onto the cliff, and turn around and haul your buddy up, you both turn around to find the enemy has surrounded you, cue Back-to-Back mode. Time slows down, you move into a back to back position covering each others unarmored back, you do a John Woo-esque slow spin as you take out enemy after enemy, when the dust settles, twenty some odd enemy soldiers lie defeated at your feet. Now this could be a cut scene, but all of that happens in real time, and under your control. That is what makes Army of Two so spectacular is the strong camaraderie between the two mercenaries.


They’ve got us surrounded…. the poor bastards.

The Aggro-system, it’s big it’s bad ass and it’s here to do some damage. Once you master the system, you can tank your way through any level, or sneak around and backstab any enemy. Aggro, is how much the enemy hates you, if they hate your a lot, then they’re going to shoot you a lot. You accrue Aggro by shooting, killing, maiming, pillaging, and generally kicking ass. The more Aggro you obtain, the more enemy fire and attention you receive. Fill up the meter and you can enter Overkill mode, in which you deal double damage, and have unlimited ammunition. Lock-n-load. On the other hand, Aggro can be used stealthily, have your buddy draw some fire, and build up his Aggro, and your as good as invisible, you can flank around the enemy, and hit them where it hurts. Do enough sneaking and backstabbing, and you can enter the stealth style overkill, which makes you invisible, and able to run a lot faster. This allows you to sprint around a melee an entire company to death while they are firing away at your buddy. You glow red as your accrue Aggro, and you fade away as your partner builds Aggro. Some enemies such as the Heavy Armor Soldiers, cannot be killed unless you shoot them in their unarmored back, one of you has to draw their attention, while the other sneaks around and delivers the killing blow.


Heads Up!

Army of Two offers a huge arsenal of weaponry, and an even larger set of upgrades and customizations. There are assault rifles, Sub-Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, M203 Grenade Launchers, Pistols, Revolvers, RPG’s, and Heavy Machine Guns, for each of these weapons there are several custimization options. You can upgrade the barrel to add more damage, the stock for accuracy, add a suppressor to tone down Aggro generation, or “PIMP” it out, with gold plating, diamonds, chrome, and other such awesomeness. All of the upgrades affect the Aggro section of the weapons stats, the higher the Aggro stat is, the faster you generate Aggro when firing. Pistols have a low base aggro, while RPG’s and Machine-Guns attract a lot of attention.


I tend to opt for the more direct approach.

The multiplayer mode in Army of Two, is a 2 vs. 2 team showdown. You and a team-mate square off against another team competing for cash, you can earn money for taking down enemies, capturing objectives, and weeding off the AI enemy population. There are four maps right now, with the first batch of DLC on it’s way (and reportedly FREE!), (‘they’ plan to release at least one map per month) the maps range from a deserted desert town, to downtown Miami. The multiplayer is like a 4 person game of Counterstrike, you buy weapons and upgrades as you gain money throughout the match. At then end of the match the team with the most money is declared the winner.


Co-op tactics takes center stage in multiplayer


Graphics: 9.5/10 Ao2 has no tearing, no visual jumping/jittering, excellent graphics and environmental effects.

Sound: 8.5/10 The environment and voice sounds are well recorded, but the weapons sound a little weak.

Gameplay: 8/10 The AI for your buddy sucks, but that is the only downfall for Ao2, the co-op system is excellent.

Overall: 8/10 Ao2 provides a unique co-op experience, and well crafted multiplayer, undoubtedly worth your money.





2 responses

24 03 2008

I assume that you take a lot of what you said here back. BTW, take a look at the blog post on my blog that makes no sense to you. Comment on your mass confusion, please…. lolololololololosoisoisoisoisoi!!

10 11 2009

the game is fun and really should only be played in co-op i have never played the one player camping only co-op and i see and here no downfall cant wait to get the 40th day

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